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Name: Trinity Soul
Dising: by Mii-sama
About Site: TS is not devoted to any defined anime or manga though the name is taken from anime (Persona ~Trinity Soul~). Here It is possible to find art works of the site owner, but It is also possible to join TS expose your arto works. Today you can find here owner and Lemmi art work. Art works concern anime, manga and computure games themes. Besides gallery here you can find also helpful information: anime/manga/game reviews.
We hope, what you will find someting interesting for yourselfs, maby you whant to join us? ^___^
About Us:


1. Niknames: ii (Mii-sama); Fai; Yuuki; Natsu (aki) ... There are many of them, but It`s better to call me Mii. All others came from cosplay, so today there is more nicnames..-_-
2. Name: haha, I don`t wanna tell, sorry..)
3. BD, age: October 10th , 18 ==
4. Something about Mii: Harmful, lazy, cosplayer. Talking about hisself, like a boy... Often strict, loves when people him obey.
5. Contacts: ICQ: 273150069; ICQ: 376698779


1. Nikname: Lemmi; April
2. Name: Lemmi. (not real name)
3. BD, age: huh? April 12th, 17
4. Something about Lemmi: I Love frogs, apples and a photoshop. Proud (?)
5. Contacts: ICQ: 437087033

What u can find here:
  • Reviews
  • Anime&Manga Quotation
  • Genres
  • Slovar Otaku
  • Avatars (LJ icons)
  • Wallpapers
  • PNG
  • PS Brushes
  • etc.

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